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Working Mother

I know that I should know better than to wade into murky water, but over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk about work, motherhood, and how they fit together. I am not going to tell you what … Continue reading

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Words, fists fly up like so many black-beaked crows beating about his head, befouling and besmirching and pecking his eyes; Tut-tutting, clicking our tongues at the mess – “so distasteful” – we snap on our latex gloves to show how … Continue reading

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Life and death, justice, humanity and God

When I was studying theology the first time around, long ago, I remember a discussion about the concepts of justice. Justice, we were taught, could be of one or more of four different characters: retributive, protective, deterrent, or reformative/rehabilitative. Retributive justice is … Continue reading

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Wanton Story-Telling: Year B, Easter 2

My children are among the very few people who have heard this story. I don’t like to tell it because it sounds so strange, so unusual, so unbelievable. I once saw the Holy Spirit in the church in which I … Continue reading

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“Thomas Sunday” syndrome

The Bible tells the story of God’s relationship with God’s creation, the Divine action in the world. From the beginning, when God spoke creation into being, to the end, when God will recreate the new heavens and the new earth, … Continue reading

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Easter Story

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Sometimes, resurrection takes scaffolding.

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Someone called John tells an Easter story: It was dark. It was so early, it was still late, but she couldn’t sleep. It was too still, too cold, too dark and silent. So she went to be with him in … Continue reading

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