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Usual saints

“Sometimes, I wish I had a cool saint story. Something like Christopher, who carried the Christ child without knowing it, and nearly got crushed, drowned and dead for his trouble. Or George, killing the dragon and getting the girl (did … Continue reading

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A hard act to follow

God knew that Moses would be a hard act to follow. Joshua knew it, too, and having heard quite a bit about the attitudes of the people with whom he was travelling, no doubt they let him know that they … Continue reading

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Wives, be subject to your husbands

This afternoon, I heard that passage from Ephesians read in worship, by a woman, and I smiled. I smiled because I knew that she was going to have something to say about it! I smiled, too, because it reminded me … Continue reading

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and your neighbour as yourself

One last bunch of words inspired by this coming Sunday’s gospel reading (see previous two posts for more): Neighbour as self I see myself pick up the paper before the street is awake, shuffling back in slippers to the echoing, empty … Continue reading

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All your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind

Following on from yesterday’s post, All: Heart A chamber choir sings unthinking muscular love, somewhat off-centre. Soul Shuffle footed jazz angels dancing cheek to cheek, glorious in the dark. Mind “Mind the gap.” The train pulls in and I board a … Continue reading

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All   is a lot. If I love you with all of my heart, my soul, my mind, what is left over?   What happens to that piece that I keep inside –  you know, the jagged-edged sliver of mirror … Continue reading

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The Sermony Wordle

A wise and fun friend shared a wordle on his blog made out of his last several sermons, and it looked like fun. So, here’s one from my last five as published on this blog:         Go to http://www.wordle.netContinue reading

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  There was a grass snake. Only you could have found it, green and coiled, harmless.

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Matthew 22: The wedding banquet

Is it just me, or does the parable related in this Sunday’s Gospel have something of a dreamlike – or even nightmarish – quality? Perhaps it’s because the action is all on the level of emotion and reaction: invitation, expectation, … Continue reading

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Travelling Light

Another trip to my personal Bexley Hall archives finds this offering for a celebration of St Francis of Assisi, from October 5th, 2011. No animals were harmed in the writing of this sermon, which was delivered at the Bexley Hall and Trinity … Continue reading

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